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Uncensored? Reinventing Humor and Satire in Post-Soviet Russia is a wide-ranging scholarly analysis of humor and satire in Russia during the regimes of Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin. The volume brings together an international group of emerging scholars and established authorities in the fields of Russian humor, satire, and popular culture, who explore a broad range of post-Soviet media and...

Bronislava Volkova & Clarice Cloutier


Up the Devil's Back: An Anthology of 20th Century Czech Poetry presents 65 selected Czech poets in English translation, together with their biographies. Co-translated and edited by Bronislava Volková (Professor of Czech literature, Comparative literature and Jewish studies at Indiana University) and Clarice Cloutier (Professor of Central European literature and culture at New York University [Prague campus] and Lecturer at...


Texts handed down from generation to generation in manuscript form must be asked the fundamental question "Of two readings, which is more likely to have been corrupted into the other?" This question, which can be traced at least as far as Erasmus of Rotterdam's critical commentaries on the Gospels, examines directionality of change in text transmission, paramount to all other...