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386 (Vol. 12)

Professor Emeritus Howard I. Aronson of the University of Chicago has been celebrated for his linguistic scholarship on Balkan and South Slavic linguistics, as well as his groundbreaking work on Georgian grammar and language instruction (including his two textbooks with Slavica). This Festschrift honors his Balkan and South Slavic persona with a collection featuring a virtual Who's Who of North...

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From the Brown University Slavic Reprint Series: Professor Thomas Winner in his Introduction notes that this work "has stimulated further examinations of Czech metrics as well as structural studies of verse in general. Its importance lies not only in the brilliant elucidation of Czech versification and the incisive arguments against Josef Kral's school of accentual metrics, but also in the...

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Unlike the other titles we are releasing as part of this jubilee series, Ol’ga Freidenberg’s Works and Days is not out of print, so if you want to own the printed book, don’t hesitate to order it. However, the book has never been distributed widely in Russia, where its primary readership is actually located, so this seemed like an...

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The name and scholarly writings of Ol'ga Mikhailovna Freidenberg (1890 thorugh 1955) remained poorly known in Russia and in the West for a long time, and it is only recently that her life and works have begun to attract the attention of scholars in the Humanities. Experts in Classical studies find in her writings an encouraging approach to the genesis...

Masako Ueda Fidler


The first systematic view of onomatopoeia focuses on the relationship between onomatopoeia and grammar in Czech. It demonstrates that onomatopoeia as a linguistic device can add a special dimension and depth to the progression of text, such as the type of sound source, volume, size, path, property of movement, tactile nature of the moving object, and the landing site. The...

Michael David-Fox, Peter Holquist, and Alexander Martin (eds.)


Articles originally published in the journal Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History. A portion of the editors' introduction states:

"With their broad range of thematic foci and theoretical approaches, the contributors to this volume have captured some of the richness and dynamism of a growing scholarly field. The demonstrate the possibilities opened up by the disintegration of the Soviet...

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The Origins of the Slavs: A Linguist’s View is a deep philological investigation into the identification of the original homeland where the Slavic languages and ethnicities coalesced as distinct from other Indo-European peoples. Zbigniew Gołąb, Professor of Slavic Linguistics at the University of Chicago, surveys a huge range of data and contributes numerous original analytical points of his own.


(ISSN) 0073-6929


From the Series Editor     i

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Bill Johnston

Preface     1

Kathleen Cioffi

Introduction     3

Timothy Wiles

Mrożek's Plays and the Everyday Absurd in Cold War Poland: The Satirical Short Plays and Tango     15

Halina Stephen

Discovering America in Contemporary Polish Drama     41

Beth Holmgren

The Polish Actress Unbound: Tales of Modrzejewska/Modjeska     57

Elwira Grossman

From (Re)creating Mythology to (Re)claiming Female Voices: Amelia Hertz and Anna...

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In “The Other” in Translation: A Case for Comparative Translation Studies, Alexander Burak brings theorists and practitioners together and discusses ways of resolving specific translation problems on the basis of middle-range theories (Robert Merton’s term) relating to word and sentence semantics and text pragmatics. The middle-range solutions are considered from the perspectives of neutralization, domestication (naturalization), contamination, foreignization, and stylization...