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This book is a description of the verbal morphology of the Macedonian literary language. However, unlike analyses which have preceded, it is concerned not only with presentation of the facts, but also with justification of the claims it makes relating to the structure of the assignment of meaning to form, the structure of the conjugational unit, and the grammatical function...


Allan K. Wildman’s wide-ranging intellectual curiosity and lively personality influenced all who knew him. His interests ranged across workers, intellectuals, soldiers, and peasants, and across broad time periods. His students have built upon that to offer this collection of stimulating essays. The volume begins with a biographical sketch by two former colleagues and continues with eight essays by Wildman’s former...

Lada Panova with Sarah Pratt, eds. Compiled and introduced by Lada Panova


UCLA Slavic Studies no. 8 This interdisciplinary and bilingual collection of critical essays and materials brings together Kuzmin scholars from three countries (the United States, Russia, and Israel) to provide a multi-­‐‑ faceted portrait of Mikhail Kuzmin (1872–1936), a key but underestimated figure of Russian modernism whose artistic output reflects the rich variety of a latter-­‐‑day Renaissance man. The articles...

Hilde Hoogenboom, Catharine Theimer Nepomnyashchy, and Irina Reyfman (eds.)


From the Introduction: This volume honors the extraordinary life, path-breaking career, and pioneering scholarship of a truly modest woman—Professor Marina Viktorovna Ledkovsky, Barnard College emerita. Born into the old noble families of the Nabokovs, the Falz-Feins, the von Korffs, and the Fasolts, Marina Viktorovna grew up in Berlin, where, during World War II, she went to university, was arrested and...


The murdered princes Boris and Gleb enjoy a privileged status in the pantheon of Russian saints. Their vitae are ranked among the masterpieces of medieval Kievan literature. Nonetheless, fundamental questions remain about the circumstances of their life and death, the propagation of their legend and the nature of their veneration. Traditionally, the history of the cult and the texts have...


From the Brown University Slavic Reprint Series: "Mechta i mysl'... has remained in the front rank of Turgenev studies. Gershenzon's work is a luminous and intuitive examination of the relationship between Turgenev's art and his personality, and of the pervading theme that unites Turgenev's work to that of other nineteenth-century Russian writers."

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Medieval Slavic Texts, Volume 1 is a collection of medieval texts, reprinted for students of Slavic philology, and representing a wide range of genres, language variants, and orthographic systems. As the title implies, the original intention was to continue the series with later texts, but this never actually happened. Nevertheless, this collection provides a selection of useful texts in accessible...


Historians of the Russian revolution have paid little attention to the part played by the Mensheviks in the democracy that governed Russia from February 1917 to Lenin's coup d'etat in October. The only previous monograph on the Mensheviks in 1917 is a polemic published in Moscow which actually focuses on Lenin, and there is no description of the Menshevik party...


Durst-Andersen develops a new conceptual framework for the clarification of the relations between verbal, sentential, and utterance meaning and aspectuality. The book takes up some of the hardest problems of Russian aspect usage, e.g., the usage of aspect in the infinitive, the imperative, and in connection with negation, and demonstrates that they are fully explanable and describable in terms of...

Laurie S. Stoff, Anthony J. Heywood, Boris I. Kolonitskii, John W. Steinberg (eds.)
xx + 598

This book—the first part of an entire volume about military affairs in Russia’s Great War and Revolution—is based on the premise that the military history of World War I in the Russian theater and the subsequent Civil War cannot be sufficiently understood by focusing exclusively on descriptions...

xiv + 302 pp

This book--one of two covering the Russian Civil War in a volume on military affairs during Russia’s Great War and Revolution--explores the military history of the Russian Civil War. Drawing heavily on research from Russian historians but including an international slate of authors, it traces...

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This book--one of two covering the Russian Civil War in a volume on military affairs during Russia’s Great War and Revolution--explores institutions, social groups, and social conflict amid the chaos of the war that followed the Russian Revolution. Drawing on an international cohort of authors...


Monastic Traditions represents the "Selected Proceedings" of the Fourth International Hilandar Conference, held 14Ð15 August 1998, on the campus of The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, as part of the worldwide commemoration of the 800th anniversary of the founding of Hilandar Monastery on Mount Athos, Greece. Of the 21 papers and abstracts represented in this volume, 13 are directly related...



This book is not about “things you always wanted to know about Polish but were afraid to ask,” but rather about “things about Polish you never imagined could be so interesting until Professor Rothstein began to talk about them.”

 - Oscar E. Swan


The present volume is a continuation to Rothstein’s first collection, ...

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Since the seventeenth century was a critical period for the development of modern Russian, this study focusses on a relatively unified group of texts from one period and subjects them to a detailed and careful analysis. Constant comparisons to the situation in modern Russian are made. The six chapters are: Introduction; Non-prefixal pairs; Prefixal pairs; Parallel prefixation; Prefixal-suffixal pairs, and...

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Morphosyntax in Slavic was the first of three major collections of articles on Slavic morphosyntax which helped define the research agendas of Slavic linguists during the period when syntactic theory was becoming more highly constrained and therefore more complex than it had been during the first two decades of Chomskyan theory. Even today they are splendid examples of linguistic argumentation...


This study provides a psychological investigation into the mother-son relationship in Russian folk and literary tradition. Beginning with the byliny, it examines the origins of the strong woman figure whose power over her sons results in their regressive behavior and inability to sever the oedipal ties with her. Hence the tales of Dobrynia and the Dragon, Vasilii Buslaev, and Sadkocan...

Bohumil Hrabal, translated by Timothy West

i-x + 109

“Some texts, after I’ve written them, have woken me up in the night so that I break out in a sweat and jump out of bed.” With this confession Bohumil Hrabal concludes Murder Ballads and Other Legends, a genre-bending collection of stories published at the height of the legendary author’s fame in the 1960s. Decades after escaping the Nazis as...


My Petersburg/Myself is a study of the peculiar identification between Petersburg writers and urban space at the end of the imperial Petersburg tradition in Russian letters, a phenomenon unique in its complexity and intensity. Be it a private room, an imperial square or street, or an architectural monument, Petersburg writers from the beginning of the twentieth century and beyond expressed...