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Charles E. Gribble et al. (eds.)




Foreword     7

Edna Andrews

Markedness Theory: An Explication of its Theoretical Basis and Applicability in Semantic Analysis     9

Ronald F. Feldstein

On the Evolution of Jer + Liquid Diphthongs in Polish and West Slavic     25

Robert Fradkin

The Semantic Structure of the Tenses in Literary Arabic     42

Helena Goscilo

His Master's Voice: Pushkin Chez Bulgakov     54

Louise B. Hammer

On the Phonological Nature...

Yakov Leshchinsky, translated by Robert Brym

xiv + 139

At the turn of the 20th century, the Russian Empire's 5.2 million Jews were in crisis. Having quintupled in number since 1800, they were substantially impoverished and crammed into Russia's 25 westernmost provinces. Some pinned their hopes on emigration, others on being granted permission to live in the Russian interior. Some labored with hand tools in dingy workshops, but most...

Edited and annotated by Matthew Lee Miller

xxii + 94

John R. Mott’s Recent Experiences and Impressions in Russia presents a collection of public addresses and letters created during his participation in a United States diplomatic mission to Russia—sent by President Woodrow Wilson and led by Elihu Root—from May to August 1917. These historical documents (printed in 1917 but never published) describe this Root Mission and offer perspectives on several...


One of the most creative and versatile of Slovak authors, Jozef Cíger-Hronský (1896 Zvolen- 1960 Buenos Aires) was "rehabilitated" during the Czechoslovak Spring but is scarcely known in English, though he is one of the originators of Slovak lyrical prose and, according to Alexander Matuška!!!, he is the only modern Slovak writer whose truly excellent works number not one/two but...