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This work is the first reference grammar of its kind and describes the contemporary Slovene language in a concise and easily comprehensible way. It is intended for speakers of English who are studying Slovene at the elementary through the intermediate levels, but it will also serve as a handy source of quick reference for others wishing to review basic questions...

Warren H. Held, Jr., William R. Schmalstieg and Janet E. Gertz

ix + 218

This elementary textbook is an introduction to the Hittite language and writing system for self instruction and for beginning students, especially students who cannot work easily with the existing German grammars but who want a more up-to-date source than Sturtevant's 1933 Comparative Grammar of the Hittite Language. Beginning Hittite contains a grammar, reader, glossary, and cuneiform sign list. The grammar...

Richard L. Leed, Alexander D. Nakhimovsky, and Alice S. Nakhimovsky. Photographs by Richard Sylvester

xii + 283

This improved one-volume edition of a very successful textbook contains just about the same vocabulary and introduces grammatical features in about the same order as the first edition. In other respects the book has been severely revised and reformatted. It has been shortened, so that it is truly a first-year textbook, one that can successfully be completed within two semesters,...

Oscar E. Swan and Sylvia Galova-Lorinc


This book, the first modern, full course of Slovak for English speakers, is intended for the first year of language study at the college level. It is also suitable for self study when used in combination with accompanying tapes. For additional materials related to this title, visit the author's website at: https://lektorek.org Each lesson, designed to be covered in...


From the Archives of Polish Emigration Series, a joint publication of Nicholas Copernicus University and the Department of Slavic Languages and the East Central Eruopean Center of Columbia University Slavica has obtained a very limited quantity of this collection of essays devoted to the prominent Polish emigre writer Jozsef Wittlin, commemorating the centennial of Jozsef Wittlin's birth and the twentieth...

Craig Cravens, Masako U. Fidler, and Susan Kresin (eds.)

978-0-89357-363-8 (Hardcover)
978-0-89357-360-7 (Paperback)



From the editors: Czech studies in the United States would be inconceivable without Mike’s pioneering work, both his methodologically groundbreaking textbook and his numerous translations of Czech literature, including works by Karel Čapek, Bohumil Hrabal, Milan Kundera, Jan Neruda, and others. These translations often serve as an entry point to Czech culture, both for our students and for the general...


This volume is the first known attempt at a comprehensive bibliography of the major aspects of Slavic mythology. Researchers concerned with early Slavic history, religion, ethnography, and archeology will find this book essential. Scholars working with Slavic literatures and linguistics, particularly early literatures and medieval Slavic texts, will also find it indispensable. The scope of the bibliography is all written...


A fascicle of the four-volume Anthology of South-Slavic Literatures.

Howard Aronson, Donald Dyer, Victor Friedman, Daniela Hristova, and Jerrold Sadock (eds.)


Contributions to the Study of Linguistics and Languages in Honor of Bill J. Darden on the Occasion of His Sixty-Sixth Birthday.


"Howard Aronson tells a story from the days when Bill Darden was a graduate student at the University of Chicago. When Howie taught Bill in his Introduction to Slavic Linguistics, a course in which Howie masterfully guided beginning...


UCLA Slavic Studies no. 7 Russia’s first narrative history, The Book of Degrees of the Royal Genealogy (Kniga stepennaia tsarskogo rodosloviia), was produced in the Kremlin scriptorium of the Moscow metropolitans during the reign of Ivan IV (1533–84). A collaborative project to prepare a new critical edition in three volumes, based on the text of the earliest surviving copies with...


Books, Bibliographies, and Pugs offers a selection of new research in Library and Information Science, with special emphasis on the Russian and East European area, but also extending as far as Turkey and the Pacific Rim. The volume is presented with warm affection by its contributors to honor Murlin Croucher upon the occasion of his retirement. Murlin Croucher began his...

Horowitz, Brian and Ginsburg, Shai

vi + 204

In Bounded Mind and Soul, twelve leading scholars grapple with questions about the complex relationship between Israel and Russia. What are their mutual interests? What are the areas of conflict? And how has the immigration of more than one million Jews from the former Soviet Union affected Israeli culture, society, and politics? These essays range from studies of literature and...

Roman Jakobson with the assistance of Kathy Santilli


An important work by the most eminent linguist of the 20th century, with new findings in an area which interested him throughout his long career. "this book... may be considered the scientific will of this great linguist (or even better: philologist) of our century." Revue roumaine de linguistique.

Bulgarian Dialects: Living Speech in the Digital Age
xiv + 238 pp

This book describes the genesis and structure of the project Bulgarian Dialectology as Living Tradition, a searchable and interactive database of field recordings of Bulgarian dialects covering all major dialect types, with innovative analyses including features never discussed before. The depth and breadth of the site, now available on the internet at bulgariandialectology.org, make it an invaluable resource to teachers...