Forthcoming Publications

Linda Mëniku & Héctor Campos

Advancing in Albanian cover

The authors’ original introductory textbook of Albanian (Discovering Albanian 1, U. of Wisconsin Press, 2011) was hailed as “lightening the burden of the instructor, allowing for more productive efforts in designing an effective and modern syllabus,” and received the AATSEEL award for best annual contribution to language pedagogy. Now Slavica presents their intermediate-advanced textbook Advancing in Albanian to provide enhanced access for students to one of the...

Maria A Shelyakhovskaya, translated by Christina E. Petrides and Maria A Shelyakhovskaya

Being Grounded in Love cover image

“The present volume is a conscious effort to look at and grasp the meaning of the tumultuous one hundred years of Russian and Soviet  history (1872–1981) by taking an ordinary family perspective as a vantage point and reconstructing it based on the materials of a well-preserved family archive. The result is a deeply entertaining and engaging collage of personal recollections, authentic...