While the examples are taken from scientific texts, this dictionary will be of use to all students of Russian, and especially to all translators. "Omissions" are words or phrases that are not to be translated when turning a Russian text into English. Some examples are: dostatochno in "Ne predlozhen dostatochno ubeditel'noe ob''iasnenie" `A convincing explanation has not been offered'; nado...

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This dictionary, containing approximately 5000 Slovene words and their English translations, was written for users at all levels. Entries include the most commonly encountered words in Slovene, as well as numerous additional words which display irregularities in their inflection. The work is based on the contemporary Slovene language, with the five-volume dictionary published by the Slovene Academy of Arts and...


This work is the first reference grammar of its kind and describes the contemporary Slovene language in a concise and easily comprehensible way. It is intended for speakers of English who are studying Slovene at the elementary through the intermediate levels, but it will also serve as a handy source of quick reference for others wishing to review basic questions...

Written by Robert A. DeLossa, R. Robert Koropeckyj, Robert Romanchuk, and Alexandra Isaivych Mason

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Ukrainian language study changed dramatically when Ukraine became an independent state in 1991. Rozmovljajmo! (Let's Talk!) is the first textbook to fully embrace the new realities of the Ukrainian landscape and to incorporate the latest advances of the communication-focused classroom. Mainly geared toward college-level work, Rozmovljajmo! can also be used for advanced high-school learners. At the core of the book...

Handbook of Russian Affixes

This is a concise dictionary of Russian affixes, classified into Prefixes (total 60) and Suffixes (Nouns -- 219, Adjectives -- 100, Verbs -- 20) -- a grand total of some 390 affixes, which is a virtually exhaustive list of all Russian affixes. It is a much fuller list than is found in either Townsend's Russian Word Formation or Gribble's Russian...


Written to accompany Charles E. Gribble's Russian Root List, this workbook is intended as a study and teaching aid to facilitate the effective learning of roots, prefixes, and suffixes. "V posobii sobran obshirnyi i raznoobraznyi slovarnyi material, kotoryi mozhet byt' ispol'zovan prepodavatelem dlia sostavleniia vsevozmozhnykh uprazhnenii v slovoobrazovanii." (SE)