Written to accompany Charles E. Gribble's Russian Root List, this workbook is intended as a study and teaching aid to facilitate the effective learning of roots, prefixes, and suffixes. "V posobii sobran obshirnyi i raznoobraznyi slovarnyi material, kotoryi mozhet byt' ispol'zovan prepodavatelem dlia sostavleniia vsevozmozhnykh uprazhnenii v slovoobrazovanii." (SE)

Gary Browning, David K. Hart, and Raisa Solovyova

vi + 314

Students learning Russian require more time for grammar than students of most other languages. Developing an adequate vocabulary presents an even greater challenge. But in vocabulary acquisition, students of Russian have an impressive potential advantage. With training, students can build a large vocabulary based on a relatively few very productive word elements – roots, prefixes, and suffixes. In Russian the...

Rodica C. Botoman, Donald E. Corbin, E. Garrison Walters

iii + 199

Fifteen chapters covering a variety of topics. Many illustrations and much cultural information. Romanian-English glossary at the end.

"...this excellent manual ... is eminently suited to those seeking material in Rumanian that may be used for listening comprehension, oral work, and reading and writing exercises." (SEER)

Marianna Bogojavlensky

xviii + 450

A solid review grammar with many examples, lots of exercises, and done in a systematic way. Chapters on each of the cases, nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, numerals, relative clauses, time expressions; appendices and selected Russian-English and English-Russian vocabularies. For second, third, and fourth-year classes.


"...this book contains an enormous amount of well organized information" (CSP) "It fills a long-felt...

Natalya Baranskaya, Edited by Lora Paperno, Natalie Roklina, and Richard Leed


This is a novelistic first-person account of a typical week in the life of a Soviet woman and her efforts to hold down two full-time jobs: one as a scientist in a laboratory, the other as a mother and wife. The general problem is a familiar one in the West, too, but the story is full of intimate details of...


Professor Aronson's book, originally published in 1982, was the first grammar of Georgian for beginners to be published in English. The goal of the book is to enable a student to read Georgian literature (primarily scholarly) with the aid of a dictionary. The course consists of fifteen lessons, the first of which is devoted to the sound and writing systems...

Patricia M. Arant


A concise, economical way of learning to read Russian, without wasting time on extraneous matters. Careful attention to grammar.

"Arant has provided a clear, concise description of the essentials of Russian grammar. ...this valuable and practical guide to developing reading skills in Russian." (MLJ)

Genevra Gerhart, with Eloise M. Boyle

xxx + 513

This book is an attempt at the impossible: to describe for non-Russians what Russian common knowledge might be. It is the Russian obvious—that is ob+via, in the road, in the way: what you might trip over if you ignore it or don’t see it. It is the information one Russian assumes another has when they are talking together. It is...