Twelve Stories

M. Zoshchenko, selected and annotated for English-speaking students by Lesli LaRocco and Slava Paperno

These short stories by Mikhail Zoshchenko, a classic of Soviet satire, were collected from various early editions. They include such gems as "Rodnye Liudi", "Seren'kii kozlik", "Bania," and other stories. No changes were made in the text. All idiomatic, elliptical, colloquial, or difficult phrases are explained in the footnotes. Standard literary equivalents are provided for all colloquial expressions. A glossary at the end of the book contains all of the words used in the stories. The glossary also contains detailed morphological information, in the same format as the grammatical dictionary 5000 Russian Words (also from Slavica). The stories can be used for second- or third-year students of Russian. Some are suitable even for late in the first year. In addition to being excellent reading assignments, all stories can be summarized easily by the students, or acted out in class. Additional materials for this title are available through the Cornell Language Resource Center at: "...a timely choice... a welcome classroom tool... (MLJ)