Russian For Expository Prose, Vol. 1 Introductory Course

Ruth L. Pearce

A uniquely conceived four-semester language training sequence designed especially for undergraduates not majoring in Russian. Because reading is the single most practical and permanently useful of all language skills, the primary focus of this course is on the development of reading competency and fluency in any discipline or field of interest. The emphasis on interiorization of the language structure and on the acquisition of a basic vocabulary characteristic of expository prose also prepares the student for further study to develop oral skills with a minimal expenditure of time and effort. The Introductory Course stresses good Russian pronunciation and presents the grammar and vocabulary typical of expository prose. The vocabulary to be mastered consists of about 1,000 high frequency words common to most fields of human knowledge, as well as high frequency words occuring in both the written and spoken language. The Advanced Course consolidates previously-learned materials while also expanding the student's knowledge in breadth and depth. A special section appended to this volume contains a large number of supplementary reading selections of interest to a broad segment of college level students. "...Pearce is to be commended for a major contribution to the area of Russian language teaching." (MLJ)