Georgian: A Reading Grammar, Corrected Edition

Howard I. Aronson

Professor Aronson's book, originally published in 1982, was the first grammar of Georgian for beginners to be published in English. The goal of the book is to enable a student to read Georgian literature (primarily scholarly) with the aid of a dictionary. The course consists of fifteen lessons, the first of which is devoted to the sound and writing systems of Georgian. The remaining fourteen lessons cover grammatical information, with exercises for translation from Georgian into English (lessons 2-13) and reading passages taken unedited from modern Georgian sources (lessons 5-15). Reading passages deal with history, geography, linguistics, philology, art history, music history, anthropology, plus a long selection from a contemporary Georgian popular novel.

"This textbook is an exemplary product of the reading-knowledge approach..." (MLJ)

"...the best Georgian grammar in English and the best reading-knowledge grammar in any language." (MLJ)

"The publication of Aronson's textbook represents a major advance in the study and accessibility of Georgian..." (SEEJ)

"This grammar is destined to be the standard work, and our debt to Aronson is enormous..." (SEER)