Supplemental Materials for First Year Polish

Leonard A. Polakiewicz
xii + 212

Although designed primarily for use with Oscar Swan's First Year Polish (also from Slavica), the material in this workbook can also be used with other Polish textbooks. Part I, Alphabet and Phonetics, has a systematic presentation of the Polish alphabet, notes on phonetics, and an extensive set of drills involving oppositions. Part II, Intonation, shows the three major types of Polish intonation contours and gives 28 pages of sentences with contours marked. Part III is a listing of tapes for the Swan book which are available from the author's website Part IV, which comprises the largest part of the book (pages 1-212), is supplementary readings, dialogues, grammatical drills, and other materials (such as proverbs and songs). These are coordinated with the Swan book but can be used with other books as well. The book has many illustrations. A 28-page Glossary at the back contains all words which are not in Swan, along with an indication of where they first occur.

"... this book has filled a pressing need." (MLJ)