Contemporary Czech

Michael Heim

UCLA Slavic Studies no. 3

This textbook aims to give the beginning student a solid working knowledge of the literary language. It consists of two parts: a grammar and a series of review lessons. The grammar is designed to be covered in one semester and students will be able to master the essentials of the language because the first part avoids nearly all irregularities. They can therefore devote their efforts to the basic patterns rather than the exceptions. Once the students have worked their way through the grammar section, they are ready to begin reading. The texts can be chosen according to the students' interests. Along with the readings the review lessons serve both to foster an active knowledge of basic forms and constructions and to introduce the most common irregularities. "...can be recommended to everyone ... as the best introductory course currently available." (MLJ) "This book has been thoughtfully and intelligently compiled, is well designed, and contains few printing errors. It is to be welcomed as a very useful aid to those learning Czech from scratch." (MLR)