Advanced Russian, Second Edition, Revised

Alexander D. Nakhimovsky and Richard L. Leed
vii + 262

Advanced Russian is intended for students who have had at least two full years of Russian, and can be used in third, fourth, or fifth-year classes. Its strongest features are good, colloquial Russian, solid, up-to-date grammatical analysis, considerable cultural information, and a wealth of varied exercises. The book is divided into twelve lessons, each consisting of Text, Comments, Analysis, and Exercises. Each lesson will take about two weeks to cover properly. The First Edition received very favorable reviews and was widely used for seven years. This is the final volume of the integrated sequence of textbooks produced by the Cornell-Colgate team of writers: Beginning Russian, and Intermediate Russian precede it, although Advanced Russian can be used after any intermediate course. The Glossary at the end of the book contains morphological and syntactic information. The Appendix contains the rules on which the morphological specifications in the Glossary are based, and it may be used as a reference for information on the inflectional morphology of Russian. Additional materials for this title are available through the Cornell Language Resource Center at: "The first edition of this book appeared in 1980 and was generally received with considerable favor ... AR-2 represents, nevertheless, a major improvement in what was originally a first-rate work, and the authors are to be commended for their efforts." (RLJ)