Studies Presented to Professor Roman Jakobson by His Students

Edited by Charles E. Gribble



P. Arant

Excursus on the Theme in Russian Oral Epic Song     7

J. Bailey

The Basic Structural Characteristics of Russian Literary Meters     9

S. Blumstein

Phonological Aspects of Aphasic Speech     17

W. Browne

Form and Meaning in Serbo-Croatian Conjugation     39

R. Channon

On Passivization in Russian     44

C. Chvany

Analysis of a Poem by Teffi     49

G. Clivio

A Note on Two Oppositions of Standard Italian with a Low Functional Yield     61

I. Corten

The Influence of Dostoevskij on Majakovskij's Poem "Pro Chto"     70

M. Curran

Suxovo-Kobylin's Smert' Tarelkina     76

R. De Rijk

St. Augustine on Language     84

I. Fairley

Syntax as Style: An Analysis of Three Cummings' Poems     91

F. Gladney

Some Rules for Nasals in Polish     105

N. Ingham

The Litany of Saints in `Molitva sv. Troice     121

P. Kiparsky

Metrics and Morphophonemics in the Kalevala     137

R. Klymasz

Syllabo-Stanzaic Stability and the Ukrainian Kolomyjka: A Case Study     149

 J. Kolsti

Albanian Oral Epic Poetry     165

G. Lakoff

Phonological Restructuring and Grimm's Law     168

M. Levin

The Structure of the Russian Proverb     180

T. Lightner

An Analysis of akan'e and ikan'e in Modern Russian Using the Notion of Markedness     188

J. Manson

Pushkin's Evgenij Onegin: A Study in Literary Counter-Point     201

D. G. Miller

Traces of Indo-European Metre in Lydian     207

L. Newman

Derived Imperfectives from Perfective i-Verbs in Russian     222

K. O'Connor

Theme and Color in Blok's "Stikhi o prekrasnoi dame"     233

J. Perkowski

Kashubian Caviare     246

P. Radley

Emotion in a Formalist: The Jakobson-Khodasevich Polemic     248

O. Ronen

Mandel'shtam's Kashchej     252

R. Rothstein

The Poetics of Proverbs     265

E. Sampson

Maria Pawlikowska's Lyrical Miniatures     275

E. Scatton

On the Loss of Proto-Slavic Diphthongs     281

L. H. Scott

"Sdrats Ye, Gus Paudheen!"     289

M. Shapiro

Constantine's "proglas'': An Accentological Commentary     299

R. Szulkin

Modes of Perception in Jurij Olesha's Liompa     309

C. Townsend

Part of Speech in Roots and the Zero-Suffix in Russian     313

B. T'sou

Some Aspects of Linguistic Parallelism and Chinese Versification     318

R. Whitman

On Generative Semantics.     329


"This highly stimulating collection... contains something for everybody." (Slavonic and East European Review)