In the Realm of Slavic Philology

John Dingley and Leon Ferder

It is no exaggeration to state that Professor Dean S. Worth has been the most influential Slavic linguist in America of the first generation of scholars trained by Roman Jakobson. In addition to an extraordinary range of publications, he helped train several successive generations of younger Slavists, many of whom have helped establish graduate programs and further disseminated his influence through teaching and research. The present volume celebrates this aspect of his impact on the field by bringing together 16 articles on Slavic philology by former Ph.D. students of Worth's. The depth and breadth of the material covered in this collection both delimits the current concerns of Slavic philologists and demonstrates forcefully the range of his mentoring.

Contents: "Editors' Preface"; Henrik Birnbaum, "Faculty Preface"; Leon Ferder, "Student Preface"; Sung-ho Choi, "Modal Parenthetic Words in Russian"; Andrew R. Corin, "Componential Analysis of Slavic Case: "A New Look at an Old Idea"; John Dingley, "The Category of Animacy in Slavic and Other Languages"; Masako U. Fidler, "Positive Existentiality and Politeness: A Contrastive Study of Czech, Russian, and Japanese"; Grace E. Fielder, "Development of Narrative Strategies in Nineteenth Century East Balkan Slavic Prose"; David Gasperetti, "Toward a Theory of Stylization: From Formalism to Postmodernism"; Christopher A. Gigliotti, "Clash of Cultures: Vladimir Nabokov's Russian Rendition of His American Classic, Lolita"; Marc L. Greenberg, "Sound Repetition and Metaphorical Structure in the Igor' Tale"; Laura A. Janda, "From TORT to TuRT/TRuT: Prototype Patterning in the Spread of the Russian N(A)pl-´"; D. Barton Johnson, "Nabokov's Aviary in Ada"; Jules F. Levin, "On Hennig's Prussian Dictionary"; Olga Matich, "What is a Russian Harem Around 1800?"; Georg B. Michels, gPatriarch Nikon in Exile at the Ferapontov Monastery (1666-1676)"; Richard D. Schupbach, "-OST': Homonymic Interference and the 'Diglossia' of Russian Styles"; Melvin A. Strom, "On Finno-Ugric Substrata Influence in Russian Accentuation"; Lingyao Lai Walsh, "The General Meaning of the imet' 'Have' Construction in Russian"; List of Dean S. Worth's Publications.