Papers for the V. Congress of Southeast European Studies (Belgrade, September 1984)

Edited by Kot K. Shangriladze and Erica W. Townsend

Content Edna Andrews: A Synchronic Semantic Analysis of the Preverbs o- and ob- in Modern Serbo-Croatian; Sam Beck: Ethnicity, Class, and Public Policy: Tsiganii/Gypsies in Socialist Romania; Masha Belyavski-Frank: On the Status of Three Modal Auxiliaries in Balkan Slavic and Romance; Gary Bevington: On Classifying Albanian Verbs; Henry R. Cooper, Jr.: Andric's Four-and-a-Half Novels Reexamined; Dimitrije Djordjevic: Foreign Influences on Nineteenth-Century Balkan Constitutions; Thomas Eekman: New Trends in Early Twentieth-Century South Slavic Prose; Demetrios J. Farsolas: The Philike Hetairia and Karageorge in 1817: A Premature Alliance; Pietro Ferrua: Romanian Avant-Gardes as Export Products: The Case of Isidore Isou and Letterism; Mary Ellen Fischer: Women in Romania: Public Policy and Political Participation; Martha Forsyth: A New Traditional Song; Zbigniew Golab: South Slavic da + Indicative in Conditional Clauses and its General Linguistic Implications; Joel M. Halpern and Richard A. Wagner: A Microstudy of Social Process: The Historical Demography of a Serbian Village Community (1775-1975); Shirley A. Hauck: Ethnicity and the Kirchweih Ritual: Symbolism for German-Romanians of Banat; Brian D. Joseph: Balkan Expressive and Affective Phonology -- The Case of Greek ts/dz; Ante Kadic: A Literary Profile of Ivan Meshtrovic; Barbara Kerewsky-Halpern: Talk, Touch and Trust in Rural Healing; Christina Kramer: Analytic Modality in Literary Macedonian; Ilse Lehiste and Pavle Ivic: Geographical Variation in the Perception of Serbocroatian Short Accents; David MacKenzie: Policy of the Serbian Government Toward the Serbian National Movement in the Vojvodina, 1848-1849; Nikola R. Pribic: TALVJ as Interpreter of South Slavic Folklore in America; Marin Pundeff: Bulgaria's Cultural Reorientation After 1878; Robert L. Rankin: Vowel Phonology and Orthography in Several 18th-Century Aromanian Sources; Catherine Rudin: Comparatives and Equatives in Bulgarian and the Balkan Languages; Joan Sheffler: Mask Rituals of Bulgaria: The Pernik Festival, 1980; Dorin Uritescu: Romanian Morphophonemics and Slavic Borrowings; Frank E. Wozniak: The Continuity of Roman Traditions and the Ostrogothic Administration of Dalmatia in the Sixth Century.