New Studies in Russian Language and Literature

Edited by Anna Lisa Crone and Catherine V. Chvany

A collection of papers in honor of Bayara Aroutunova.


Bayara Aroutunova, An Appreciation     7

Leonard H. Babby

Departicipial Adverbs in Russian     9

Diana L. Burgin

Jungian Dactyls on Death and Tolstoy (Verse Burlesque With Notations in Earnest)     27

Patricia R. Chaput

Verbs of `Teaching' in Russian

On Cross-Linguistic Lexical Equivalence     39

Catherine V. Chvany

Translating One Poem from a Cycle

Cvetaeva's `Your Name is a Bird in My Hand' from `Poems to Blok'     49

Julian W. Connolly

The Structure and Imagery of Pushkin's `Imitations of the Koran'     59

Anna Lisa Crone

Petersburg and the Plight of Russian Beauty

The Case of Mandelstam's Tristia     73

Mark J. Elson

A Revised Hierarchy for Stem Classification in Slavic Verbal Systems     96

Lawrence E. Feinberg

Stem Structure, Hierarchy, and Russian Verbal Accent     104

Valentina Gitin

The Preposition of Cause iz its Semantic and Selectional Properties     117

Vladimir Gitin

Toward A Poetics of the Gogolian Anecdote `The Carriage'     132

Edythe C. Haber

Bulgakov and Shklovskii

Notes on a Literary Antagonism     151

Norman W. Ingham

`By the Will of our Lord God and Savior'     159

Charles Isenberg

The Rhetoric of Nadezhda Mandelstam's Hope Against Hope     168

Sonia Ketchian

The Wonder of Nature and Art

Bella Axmadulina's Secret     183

George N. Kostich

On the Phonetic Structure of Alexander Blok's `Peter'     199

Nicholas Lee

A Contribution to Emigre Literature

The Life and Work of Gertrude Clafton Vakar     208

Natalie K. Moyle

Mermaids (Rusalki) and Russian Beliefs About Women     221

Katherine Tiernan O'Connor

Chekhov on Chekhov

His Epistolary Self-Criticism     239

Linda Nadine Saputelli

Nabokov's Orange Night     246

Linda H. Scatton

Zoscenko's Lenin Stories

The Pitfalls of Hagiography in a Secular Context     246

David A. Sloane

`Stixi k Bloku'

Cvetaeva's Poetic Dialogue with Blok     253

Lynn Visson

The Interpretation of Politics

Some Problems in Russian-English Interpretation     271

Dean S. Worth

Formal and Aesthetic Functions of Diminutives in the Russian Lament     279

Olga Yokoyama

High Frequency Vocabulary in Russian and in American English

A Sociolinguistic Comparison.     291


"...the contributions are of uniformly high quality." (RLJ) "Po shirotata na filologicheskata problematika noviiat tom (NSRLL) belezhi nov etap v''v v''zxodhshchoto razvitie na slavistikata v SAQ." (S''postavitelno ezikoznanie)