Indiana Slavic Studies: Volume 11: In Other Words: Studies in Honor of Vadim Liapunov

Stephen Blackwell, Michael Finke, Nina Perlina and Yekaterina Vernikov
(ISSN) 0073-6929

This volume honors the contributions of Vadim Liapunov to the Russian/Slavic field. Best known for his translations and scholarship on Bakhtin, he has also trained several generations of productive scholars. This collection spans the breadth of Vadim Liapunov's intellectual interests, with thematic sections entitled Translation; Philosophical Aesthetics, Cultural and Linguistic Studies; The Age of Pushkin, On Realism, Beyond the Silver Age, and In the Middest. Content Michael Finke: On Liapunov Strobe Talbott: A Tribute and Notes on Today's Russia Valery Petrochenkov: To Vadim Liapunov Charles Byrd: Mikhail Lomonosov's "Hymn to the Beard" (1757): Translation and Commentary Katerina Clark: "Carnival" and the Culture of the Stalinist Thirties Caryl Emerson: Bakhtin after 1990: How Having the Early Writings in English Has Reconfigured the Whole Michael Holquist: Bakhtin and the Task of Philology: An Essay for Vadim James G. Hart: "The Acts of Our Activity" Savelii Senderovich: Shariu ia poshariu-doshariu do pravdy, ili geneticheskii kod zagadki Ronald F. Feldstein: Roman Jakobson's East Slavic Zones as Presented in "Remarques sur l'evolution phonologique du russe" Henry R. Cooper, Jr.: Preseren in the English-Speaking World Elena Davydova: Teatral'nost' kak glavnyi strukturoobrazuiushchii printsip literaturnogo salona Gerald Pirog: Nature and the Landscape of Memory in Pushkin and Wordsworth David M. Bethea: Fact, Fiction, and Pushkin's Post-Karamzinian Conceptualization of The History of Pugachev Yekaterina Vernikova: Plato's Rings: On the Source of Onegin's Inspiration Yevgeny Slivkin: Good Physics vs. Bold Poetry (How A. Mickiewicz "walked" in front of A. S. Pushkin: Some remarks on the dispute over St. Petersburg) Natal'ya M. Mazur: Pravda bez pokrova-ob odnoi epigramme Baratynskogo Sergei G. Bocharov: "O bessmyslennaia vechnost'!" Michael Finke: Dostoevskii's "White Nights" and Turgenev John Bartle: Turning Stories into Books: Dostoevskii and the Serialization of The Insulted and Injured Nina Perlina: Opasnye sviazi v intertekstakh Dostoevskogo: Vasilii L'vovich Pushkin-Fedor Pavlovich Karamazov Mikhail Epshtein: Figura povtora: Filosof Nikolai Fedorov i ego literaturnyi prototipy Valery Petrochenkov: On the Crossroads of "New Christianity" and Art (L. Tolstoi and V. Liapunov) Andrew R. Durkin: Chekhov's "Supruga": Close Reading and Closed Reading Vicki Polansky: Tabor at Baalbek: The Motif of Transfiguration in Bunin's The Shadow of the Bird Jerzy Kolodziej: Elements of the Petersburg Theme in Olesha's Envy Aleksandr A. Dolinin: K istorii sozdaniia i tisneniia romana Nabokova "Dar" (po arkhivnym materialam) Sergei Davydov: A Visit to a Cemetery and Nabokov's "The Visit to the Museum" Stephen H. Blackwell: Nabokov and the Anti-Apophatic Novel Sibelan Forrester: Daphne's Tremor: Tsvetaeva and the Feminine in Classical Myth and Statuary Bozena Shallcross: "That Impossible Gesture": Wislava Szymborska's Poetry on Art Judith Robey: The Problem of National Identity in Pavel Lungin's Taxi Blues and Luna Park Konstantin Kustanovich: Dva buddista, dva beselykh druga-Buddizm i postmodernizm v proizvedeniiakh Viktora Pelevina i Borisa Grebenshchikova