From Los Angeles to Kiev Papers: on the Occasion of the Ninth International Congress of Slavists

Edited by Vladimir Markov and Dean S. Worth

Papers on the occasion of the Ninth International Congress of Slavists, Kiev, September, 1983



Foreword     7

Aleksandar Albijanic

The Advent and Demise of Serbian Church Slavic     9

Xenrik Birnbaum

Mestnye i khronologicheskie raznovidnosti drevnerusskoi kul'tury i ikh vnutrennie i vneshnie sviazi     19

Tomas Ekman

Kharakter i vozniknovenie svobodnogo stikha v poezii slavian     65

Michael S. Flier

The Origin of the Desinence ovo in Russian     85

Kenneth E. Harper

Under the Influence of Oblomov     105

Peter Hodgson

More on the Matter of Skaz: The Formalist Model     119

Emily Klenin

Verbs of Motion Prefixed in u- in Old and Modern Russian     155

Michael Shapiro

Journey to the Metonymic Pole: The Structure of Pushkin's `Little Tragedies'     169

Alan Timberlake

Compensatory Lengthening in Slavic: 1: Conditions and Dialect Geography     207

Dean S. Worth

Syntactic Paradigms and the Problem of Mood in Russian     237


"It is a nice tribute to the 1983 Congress from one of the leading centres of excellence in Slavistics." (ISS)