As the founding director of the National Heritage Language Resource Center and the Heritage Language Journal, Olga Kagan has been a core figure in the development of the field of heritage language studies. By promoting both the creation of a foundational research base and specialized pedagogical training, she has played a seminal role in establishing effective methodologies that address the...



This book is not about “things you always wanted to know about Polish but were afraid to ask,” but rather about “things about Polish you never imagined could be so interesting until Professor Rothstein began to talk about them.”

 - Oscar E. Swan


The present volume is a continuation to Rothstein’s first collection, ...


Since July 2004 Robert Rothstein has been writing about Polish language, literature and folklore for the Boston-based biweekly Biały Orzeł/White Eagle. Inspired by the calender, by items in the Polish press, by his experience learning and teaching the Polish language, by new acquisitions for his home library, by questions from readers and by serendipity, he has explored, among other things,...

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The 2013 volume of American contributions to the quintennial series of international congresses bringing together the world's Slavists provides a representative sampling of current trends in Slavic literature, linguistics, and philology as practiced in the United States.

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Here is the story of Vasily’s Island, the largest of the islands that make up St. Petersburg. While small in size, it has played a substantial role in several aspects of the city’s life since its founding in 1703, becoming above all its intellectual and educational center. Although little more than a glorified sandbar in the early eighteenth century, Vasily’s...