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An important part of Balkan folk literature, oral ballads of the Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina are part of the European tradition of ballads. One of the broad themes that one encounters repeatedly in Bosnian Muslim oral ballads is the stepping outside of boundaries by the protagonist. In order to protect his honor, to be faithful to his religion, or to be...

Nikolai Iakovlevich Danilevskii, Translated and Annotated by Stephen M. Woodburn


"Woodburn has done us a service by translating 'Woe to the Victors!' "

In the decade after Nikolai Danilevskii (1822–85) published Russia and Europe (1869), the book for which he is best known, international events focused public attention on his ideas. He had argued that Russia should stop trying to be part of Europe, because Slavic civilization had...

Barry P. Scherr, James Bailey, and Vida T. Johnson, Eds.


During a distinguished academic career at Belgrade University, UCLA, and Harvard University, Kiril Taranovsky became extraordinarily influential for his contributions to verse theory and for studies devoted to Russian poets, especially those of the Silver Age. His statistical approach to versification led to fundamental findings that have become integral to the understanding of the nature and the history of rhythm...

Harvey Goldblatt, Giuseppe Dell'Agata, Krassimir Stantchev, and Giorgio Ziffer (eds.)

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Yale Russian and East European Publications NO. 15 A collection of essays celebrating the work of Riccardo Picchio in the field of Slavic literary studies.



Preface by Harvey Goldblatt     XI

Giovanna Brogi Bercoff

Amor sacro e amor profano nell'antica Novgorod     1

Marina Ciccarini &Giovanni Maniscalco Basile

Traduzione e trascrizione un caso estremo di traducibilitá     15

Denis Crnkovic

Rhythmical Figures in the...


A simple tailor, the protagonist of the great Yiddish author Sholem Aleichem’s last theatrical drama, suddenly becomes rich, but loses his money on account of an obscure cinema deal. The author’s son-in-law and assistant, Y.D. Berkowitz, insisted that the issue of moviemaking be removed from the plot. It seems he tried, among other things, to conceal his father-in-law’s “cinema obsession,”...