Edited by Gerald J. Sabo, S.J. with a linguistic sketch by L'ubomir Durovic


Hugolin Gavlovic's Valaska Skola (The Shepherd's School), written in 1755 in the Slovak language before its codification in the late 1780s, will be of great interest to linguists as well as to specialists in Slovak literature and of the Slavic Baroque in general. Gavlovic (1712-87), a Franciscan priest, combined devotional poetry with an indignant social satire and broad range of...

Translated by Elaine Rusinko, with Bogdan Horbal and Slavomir Olejar. Edited by Elaine Rusinko


Carpatho-Rusyn literature, which dates back to the sixteenth century, emerged as a distinct creative movement only after the revolutions of 1989 in Eastern Europe, where the ancestral Rusyn homeland straddles the borders of five countries: Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. For much of the twentieth century, however, Rusyns did not officially exist, since Soviet-dominated governments stubbornly denied the existence...


Part history and part anthology, this close study of contemporary journal articles, letters, and poetry shows the extraordinary tension of the alternately competing and coalescing drives of nationalism and feminism among the Slovaks in Austria-Hungary. Women co-opted into the national movement learned to enlarge and internalize the new opportunities given them by national needs. The desperate position of the Slovaks...


From the introduction: The rituals of wedding, delivery, and funeral provide us with an insight into how multiple strains of Russian culture from the October Revolution to the present have managed to coexist and evolve. All three rituals exhibit traces of the nineteenth-century rural folk behaviors considered to be essential for proper transition into a new social status. In addition,...


The ethnic, religious, linguistic, and cultural diversity, the perceived distance from Western culture as well as linguistic barriers make access to South Slavic folk cultures difficult. In spite of that there is a surprisingly large number of publications in Western languages, but many of them are hardly known even to specialists. The bibliography puts together the extant scholarly literature on...