Up the Devil's Back

Bronislava Volkova & Clarice Cloutier

Up the Devil's Back: An Anthology of 20th Century Czech Poetry presents 65 selected Czech poets in English translation, together with their biographies. Co-translated and edited by Bronislava Volková (Professor of Czech literature, Comparative literature and Jewish studies at Indiana University) and Clarice Cloutier (Professor of Central European literature and culture at New York University [Prague campus] and Lecturer at Charles University, Prague), this volume seeks to give a sense of the evolution undergone by Czech poetry throughout the decades. Beginning with the Symbolism and Decadence of the 1890s and ending with the most recent generations, this collection explores the remarkable breadth of literary approaches to the pervasive themes of the 20th century. Featuring renowned poets such as Seifert, Up the Devil's Back compiles female poets alongside males and exiled authors together with those who remained in the Czech Republic under the totalitarian regime. Whether used in the classroom, by travelers to the Czech Republic or as a coffee-table companion, this anthology serves as a resource for scholars in Slavic studies, an accompaniment to those in comparative literature and a guide for all into one of Central Europe's literary storehouses. "These poems are more than an expression of a series of individual talents: above all they bear witness to a culture whose survival in the calamitous twentieth century is nothing less than a miracle. The same might be said of the publication of this anthology." From the Afterword by Alfred Thomas, Professor of English, University of Illinois, Chicago