Substantial Proofs of Being: Osip Mandelstam's Literary Prose

Charles Isenberg


Introduction     9

Chapter One

The Evolution of the Lyric Hero   14

Stone     17

Tristia     23

Verses 1921-25     30

From Poetry to Prose     34

The End of the Novel     37

Westernizing Buddhism     40

The Nature of the World     43

Chapter Two: The Noise of Time

Literary Reminiscences of Russian Childhoods     49

Music and Memory     63

Thematic Patterns     73

Chapter Three: The Egyptian Stamp

Towards a New Prose     84

The Fire of Time     96

Associative Chains     106

Reading, Writing, Delirium     121

The Implicit Author     132

The Design of The Egyptian Stamp     139

Chapter Four: "Fourth Prose" And "Journey to Armenia"

"Fourth Prose"     143

"Journey to Armenia"     153

Conclusion     164

Notes     169

Works Cited     178


"...Isenberg has done Mandel'shtam scholarship a service." (SR) "...his discussion of the structures, themes and problems of the prose remains balanced, lucid and accessible throughout... it (a future study) could not afford to neglect Isenberg's sensitive, important readings of Mandel'shtam's literary prose." (SEEJ)

"...tragt Wesentliches zum Verstandis einer schwierigen, experimentellen Prosa bei..." (KL)