Studies in Honor of Xenia Gasiorowska

Edited by Lauren Leighton


Lauren G. Leighton Introduction     5

Part I: The Nineteenth Century

Gary Rosenshield Artistic Consistency in Notes from the Underground -- Part One     11

G. Leighton Denis Davydov and War and Peace     22

Gary R. Jahn The Death of Ivan Il'ich -- Chapter One     37

Sigmund S. Birkenmayer Polish Themes in the Poetry of Nekrasov     44

Leonard A. Polakiewicz Crime and Punishment in äexov     55

Part II: Modernism Pierre R. Hart Functions of the Fairy Tale in Sologub's Prose     71

Linda J. Ivanits Fairy Tale Motifs in Sologub's "Dreams on the Rocks"     81

David R. Schaffer The Religious Component of Russian Symbolism     88

Part III: Art, Poetics, Cinema, Drama

Juliette Stapanian Majakovskij's "Street-" and an "Alogical" Cubo-Futurist Painting by Malevic     99

Anthony J. Hartman The Metrical Typology of Anna Axmatova     112

Hari S. Rorlich In Search of Continuity: Russian and Soviet Silent Films     124

Edward J. Czerwinski Witkacy and Szajna: Prelude to and Requiem for the Holocaust     132

Part IV: The Soviet Period

George Gutsche The Role of the "One" in Gor'kij's "Twenty-Six and One"     145

John Schillinger From Socialist Realism to Solzhenitsynism     155

Gerald E. Mikkelson Religious Symbolism in Valentin Rasputin's Tale Live and Remember     172

Barbara Herring Xenia Gasiorowska: Publications.     188


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