Studies in Honor of Vsevolod Setchkarev

Edited by Julian W. Connolly & Sonia I. Ketchian


Vladimir E. Alexandrov

The "Otherworld" in Nabokov's The Gift     7

Joachim T. Baer

Mikhail Kuzmin's The Miraculous Life of Count Joseph Balsamo Cagliostro: Artfulness and Metaphysics     9

John A. Barnstead

Nabokov, Kuzmin, Chekhov and Gogol' Systems of Reference in "Lips to Lips"     15

Diana Lewis Burgin

Mythical Ballads and Metaballadic Myth in Bryusov's Verse     34

Julian W. Connolly

Boris Vakhtin's "The Sheepskin Coat" and Nikolai Gogol''s "The Overcoat"     50

Anna Lisa Crone

Wood and Trees: Mandel'shtam's Use of Dante's Inferno in "Preserve My Speech"     61

Margaret Dalton

A Russian Best-Seller of the Early Twentieth Century Evdokiya Apollonovna Nagrodskaya's The Wrath of Dionysus     74

Dobrochna Dyrcz-Freeman

Minskii's Al'ma: A Bridge to the Twentieth Century     87

Joan Delaney Grossman

Bryusov after Symbolism: Mirror of Shades     102

Edythe C. Haber

Teffi's Adventure Novel     140

Norman W. Ingham

The Case of the Unreliable Narrator: Leskov's "White Eagle"     153

Simon Karlinsky

Misanthropy and Sadism in Lermontov's Plays     166

Sonia I. Ketchian

An Inspiration for Anna Akhmatova's Requiem: Hovannes Tumanian     175

Heinrich Kunstmann

Where the Hutsuls Got Their Name     189

Nicholas Lee

Manifestations of the Feminine in Solzhenitsyn's August 1914     197

Vladimir Markov

Some Remarks on Bal'mont's Epigraphs     212

Earl D. Sampson

The Poacher and the Polluter: The Environmental Theme in Nagibin     222

Linda Nadine Saputelli

The Long-Drawn Sunset of Fialta; Robert Szulkin: Nikolai Negorev: A Voice from the Void     233

Robert Szulkin

Nikolai Negorev: A Voice from the Void     243

Walter Vickery

Kyukhel'beker's "On the Death of Chernov" and Lermontov's "The Death of a Poet": The "Foreigners"     255

Lynn Visson

Chekhov's Stories and Music: The Unspoken Language     274

"Twenty-one scholars... contributed studies, which... are innovative, insightful, and solid and which, equally important, suggest new strategies and directions for the next half century of research into Russian literature." (SR) "...something here for anyone with a serious interest in Russian literature..." (SEER) "...full of stimulating papers... (SEEJ)