Serbian Poetry from the Beginnings to the Present

Milne Holton and Vasa D. Mihailovich
xxxi + 435

Yale Russian and East European Publications

This historical collection of Serbian poetry in English translation contains 242 poems by 68 poets and covers both oral and written poetry beginning with pre-Christian traditional songs and continuing up to poems written by the young Belgrade poets of today. The anthology is designed to bring a now somewhat obscure and exotic body of poetry -- once greatly admired, especially by the German and English poets of the nineteenth century -- to the contemporary reader. It is furnished with historical and critical introductions which are intended to bring the Serbs' dramatic history and its impact upon their poetry to the reader. Translations are by a wide variety of authors, but the majority by the editors. The collection is arranged chronologically in ten sections; each with a historical introduction. Each poet and many poems are introduced by a headnote. There are annotations, bibliography, a general index and of one of translators and translations.