Russian Poetics: Proceedings of the International Colloquium at UCLA, September 22-26, 1975

Edited by Thomas Eekman and Dean S. Worth

UCLA Slavic Studies no. 4 Proceedings of the International Colloquium At UCLA, September 22-26, 1975




Foreword     9

James Bailey

 The Earliest Examples of Russian Folk Meters     11

Henryk Baran

On Xlebnikov's Love Lyrics: I. Analysis of "O, âervi zemljanye"     29

Henrik Birnbaum

The "Supplication of Daniel the Exile" and the Problem of Poetic Form in Old Russian Literature     45

Steven Broyde

Osip Mandel'shtam's "Tristia"     73

Thomas Eekman

Some Questions of Inversion in Russian Poetry     89

M. L. Gasparov

K analizu russkoi netochnoi rifmy     103

Benjamin Hrushovski

Segmentation and Motivation in the Text Continuum of Literary Prose: The First Episode of War and Peace     117

A. V. Isachenko

Rifma i slovo     147

Viach. Vs. Ivanov

K issledovaniiu poetiki Bloka ("Shag komandora")     169

Lawrence G. Jones

Distinctive Features and Sound Tropes in Russian Verse     195

Geir Kjetsaa

Tjutchev's Vocabulary: a Quantitative Approach     209

Ian K. Lilly

The Stanzaic Forms of N. M. Jazykov     227

V. F. Markov

V zashchitu raznoudarnoi rifmy (informativnyi obzor)     235

Jan M. Meijer

Metaphor and Syntax, in Particular in Mandel'shtam's Poem Grifel'naja oda     263

Liuttsillia Pshcholovska

Pol'skii iambicheskii stikh (v sopostavlenii s russkim)     285

Daniel Rancour-Laferriere

"Ja vas ljubil" Revisited     305

D. Segal

Voprosy poetichskoi organizacii semantiki v proze Mandel'shtama     325

Michael Shapiro

The Evaluative Component in a Theory of Poetic Language     353

G. S. Smith

The Versification of V. F. khodaseviia 1915-1939     373

Victor Terras

The Aesthetic Categories of Ascent and Descent in the Poetry of Vjacheslav Ivanov     393

V. N. Toporov

Mladoi pevets i bystrotechnoe vremia (k istorii odnogo obraza v russkoi poezii pervoi treti XIX veka)     409

Jan Van der Eng

Semantic Dynamics in Narrative Texts     439

Walter Vickery

Problems in Pushkin's Four-foot Iambs     457

Dennis Ward

Some Visual Aspects of Poetry and Their Correlates     481

Thomas G. Winner

The Pragmatics of the Literary Arts: The Language of Literature and the Decoding of Literary Text     503

Dean S. Worth

On "Rhyme" in the Russian Lament     515

A. L. Zhovtis

Vladimir Maiakovskii i stikh XX veka (k postanovke voprosa)     531

List of participants     543


"...a major event in the recent history of scholarship on Russian verse." (RR)


"The level of achievement is startlingly high..." (SEER)