Polish Romantic Literature: An Anthology

Edited, translated, and with commentary by Michael J. Mikos

The period of Romanticism has a special meaning for the Polish people. In spite of political and military defeats suffered between 1772 and 1863, and, most tragically, the loss of independence, Poland "had not lost her life yet." Considerable credit for her survival and subsequent rebirth must be given to Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Slowacki, Zygmunt Krasinski, and Cyprian Norwid, the leading Romantic poets who sustained the nation during its supreme trial, proving once more that the pen is mightier than the sword. Polish Romantic Literature (covering the period from 1822 to 1863) follows Professor Mikos's Medieval Literature of Poland (1992), Polish Renaissance Literature (1995), and Polish Baroque and Enlightenment Literature (1996), the last two published by Slavica. This is the first collection of texts in English devoted solely to the significant literary achievements of Polish Romanticism. The volume, addressed to the general public, students of literature, and scholars, presents 121 texts by twelve major poets, playwrights, and prose writers. Many of the selections are rendered into English for the first time. Three concise introductory essays describe major historical events, cultural developments, and literary accomplishments of Polish Romanticism. Each author is introduced by a biographical note, and the texts are annotated. The volume is illustrated and contains a bibliography of translations, general surveys, and critical studies.

List of Illustrations Foreword Introduction Adam Mickiewicz
Ode to Youth Romanticism Father's Return Mrs. Twardowski To the Niemen To M*** The Hare and the Frong Sonnets II. I Speak to Myself XV. Good Morning XVI. Good Night XVII. Good Evening< Crimean Sonnets I. The Akkerman Steppes II. The Calm of the Sea III. Sea Travel IV. The Storm VIII. Potocki's Grave X. Baydary XIV. The Pilgrim XVIII. Ajudah Konrad Wallenrod Introduction Song of the Brad To *** To a Polish Mother To My Cicerone Evening Discourse Forefather's Eve Part III Act I, scene I Act I, scene II. The Improvisation The Monument of Peter the Great Master Thaddeus I The Manor Farm XI The Year 1812 XII Let Us Love One Another A Stubborn Wife Apothegms and Sayings Degrees of Truths Veni Creator Spiritus Word and Deed Guest Lausanne Lyrics You Ask Why God Mouths Shouting For the Crowd To Spin Love Over the Water Grand and Clear When my Corpse Sits Here I Shed Pure Tears Juliusz Stowacki Separation Hymn My Testament The Funeral of Captain Meyzner In the Album of Sophie Bobrówna For It Is the Poet's Brightest Glory No More Can I Be Frightened by Any Fate To Mother A Fiery Angel-Angel at My Left Side If in My Land at Any Time Whatever Give Me One Mile of Land and Nothing Else To Mother (2) O! Miserable, O! Subjugated In Switzerland I-III The Wreath Was Woven Out of Accursed Matter When the First Cocks Sing Unto the Master Journey to the Holy Land from Naples Song VIII. Agamemnon's Tomb Beniowski Song V. The Supple Tongue. O Lord! Anhelli Chapter I, II, VII Kordian Act III, scene IV Fantazy Act I, scene I, XIV, XV Letter to Mother Zygmunt Krasiński God Has Denied Me the Angelic Measure If Happiness and Glory at Any Time I Scarcely Met You, Yet I Must Say Adieu Ere the Sun Rises, Dew Will Eat Our Eyes Out! Whatever Will Be, Whatever Will Happen Ever and Always I Would Kneel Perhaps The Un-Divine Comedy Part III, IV Irydion Introduction Cyprian Kamil Norwid Autumn My Song(II) "Will I Request Amnesty?" As... Give Me That Blue Ribbon Gernalities In Verona Fate Mercy The Two Siberias Nerves Their Strength Why Not in Chorus Funeral Rhapsody in Memory of Bem To Citizen John Brown Chopin's Piano From a Persian Poet Every Place Has Its Own Night-Symphony Letter to Michal Kleczkowski Antoni Malczewski Maria Song I: I, II, XIV, XVII Song II: IX, XV, XVI, XVII Aleksander Fredro Revenge Act I, Scene I Act III, Scene IV Mister Jowialski Ronald and Donald Henryk Rzewuski The Memoirs of Sir Seweryn Soplica XVI. How I Got Married Józef Ignacy Kraszewski An Old Tale The Old Man and the Old Woman Teofil Lenartowicz The Golden Mug The Guelder Rose Forgiveness A Conversation Between a Peasant and a Scientist Wladyslaw Syrokomla In the ALbum of Princess Puzynina Wincenty Pol The Song About Our Land Cranes and Storks Kornel Ujejski The Snowed-in Hut Some Time-Dying Select Bibliography