Polish Baroque and Enlightenment Literature: An Anthology

Edited, translated, and with commentary by Michael J. Mikos

Polish Baroque and Enlightenment Literature (covering the period from the late sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries) follows Professor Mikos's well-received Polish Renaissance Literature, published by Slavica in 1995. As was the case with the Renaissance volume, this is the first collection of texts in English devoted solely to the rich literature, both prose and poetry, of the Polish Baroque and Enlightenment. The book presents in a fresh and accessible form over two hundred selections from the greatest poets and prose writers, along with a separate introduction for each of the two sections and thirty-four illustrations in all. More than two-thirds of the texts are rendered into English for the first time. The book begins with a seventeen-page bibliography, which includes suggestions for further reading. The twenty-page introductions to each of the two parts contain sections on the historical, cultural, and literary background. There is also a chronological table for the period of the Enlightenment. Each author is introduced by a biographical note; the texts are annotated, and the text upon which the translation is based is listed. Professor Mikos was awarded the 1995 Polish PEN Club Prize for his translations, including this book and Polish Renaissance Literature.