O cheshskom stikhe: Preimushchestvenno v sopostavlenii s russkim

Roman Jakobson
xix + 125

From the Brown University Slavic Reprint Series: Professor Thomas Winner in his Introduction notes that this work "has stimulated further examinations of Czech metrics as well as structural studies of verse in general. Its importance lies not only in the brilliant elucidation of Czech versification and the incisive arguments against Josef Kral's school of accentual metrics, but also in the original analysis in structural terms of a broader problem -- the complex relationship between a given language system and its prosody... Jakobson anticipates the structuralist view of an artistic phenomenon as a system within a system of interrelated systems..." This reprint contains the original Russian book, as well as English translations of the Preface to the 1926 Czech edition (revised by the author) and Jakobson's conclusion to the Czech edition.