Gogol: Exploring Absence

Sven Spieker

I. The Un/Sayable

1. Renate Lachmann The Semantic Construction of the Void

2. Jurij Lotman The Truth as Lie in Gogol's Poetics

3. Mikhail N. Epshtein The Irony of Style: The Demonic Element in Gogol's Concept of Russia

4. Christopher Putney Gogol's Theology of Privation and the Devil in Ivan Fedorovič Špon'ka

5. Susi Frank Negativity Turns Positive: Mediations Upon the Divine Liturgy

II. Emptiness/Plenitude

6. Mixail Vajskopf Imperial Mythology and Negative Landscape in Dead Souls

7. Boris Gasparov Alienation and Negation: Gogol's View of Ukraine

8. Michael Holquist The Tyranny of Difference: Gogol and the Sacred

9. Boris Groys Who Killed the Dead Souls?

 III. Unexpressing

10. Sergej Gončarov The Metaphysics of Silence in Gogol's Early Fiction

11. Sven Spieker Esthesis and Anesthesia: The Sublime in Arabesques

12. Natascha Drubek-Meyer Gogol's Negation of Sense Perception and Memory

13. Mikhail Yampolsky Double Being: Laughter and the Sublime Works Cited Index