First Supplement to A Comprehensive Bibliography of Yugoslav Literature in English 1981-1985

Vasa D. Mihailovich

This volume continues and supplements the Comprehensive Bibliography of Yugoslav Literature in English 1593-1980, published by Slavica in 1984 (see above). It is an exhaustive listing not only of translations of literature, but also of all criticism in English pertaining to the literatures of the peoples of Yugoslavia. Part One, Translations, is divided into two sections: Folk Literature and Individual Writers (listed alphabetically). Part Two, Criticism, is divided into four sections: Entries in Reference Works, Books and Articles, Reviews, and Dissertations (both M.A. and Ph.D.). Part Three, Indices, allows cross checking and makes it easy to find material in a variety of ways. There are indices by English Titles or First Lines of Translations, Original Titles or First Lines of Original, Periodicals and Newspapers, and Subject and Name. Authors are listed alphabetically in the previous sections. Both the first volume and this new one are essential for any library or scholar with a serious interest in the literatures of Yugoslavia. "The appearance of this first supplement is consequently very welcome. ... this informative and practical bibliography." (SEER)