A Bibliography of Slavic Mythology

Mark Kulikowski

This volume is the first known attempt at a comprehensive bibliography of the major aspects of Slavic mythology. Researchers concerned with early Slavic history, religion, ethnography, and archeology will find this book essential. Scholars working with Slavic literatures and linguistics, particularly early literatures and medieval Slavic texts, will also find it indispensable. The scope of the bibliography is all written materials (books, dissertations, pamphlets, articles, and selections) published in all Slavic languages and major Western languages. The topics covered include, among others, the Slavic pantheon, pagan priests, temples, and cult places. More marginal phenomena, such as funerary practices, ancestor worship, and the remnants of mythology in Slavic folklore and customs are not included. Also excluded, unless of particular significance, are discussions of Slavic mythology in general history texts, general encyclopedias, dictionaries, and newspapers. The primary source section contains those books which are considered major sources for the subject. The compiler has seen all but a handful of the items listed. In those cases where it was not possible to examine the material personally, he has relied upon information provided by professional researchers. Individual entries are arranged as follows: author, title, place of publication, publisher, pagination, series (if any), Library of Congress call number, library locations (American and foreign library locations and addresses are provided for virtually every item), and review (if applicable). In the case of entries in Slavic languages, a translation of the title follows the body of the entry. The Library of Congress transliteration system is used. The bibliography includes indices by author, short title, and subject, a list of abbreviations, a list of library symbols and addresses, and a list of periodicals and serials cited. "Libraries -- especially academic institutions with comparative literature, folklore, and mythology collections -- will thus welcome this new bibliography of Slavic mythology aimed at American audiences." (American Reference Books Annual) "Essential for all Slavic collections and scholars." (Come-All-Ye) "...heartily recommend it as a standard reference work." (Journal of American Folklore)

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