Between Lvov, New York, and Ulysses' Ithaca: Jozsef Wittlin. Poet, Essayist, Novelist

Edited by Anna Frajlich

From the Archives of Polish Emigration Series, a joint publication of Nicholas Copernicus University and the Department of Slavic Languages and the East Central Eruopean Center of Columbia University Slavica has obtained a very limited quantity of this collection of essays devoted to the prominent Polish emigre writer Jozsef Wittlin, commemorating the centennial of Jozsef Wittlin's birth and the twentieth anniversary of his death. His books, long banned in Poland, are only now finding their way to the Polish reader through posthumous republication in Poland. The anniversary created an opportunity to take a new look at Wittlin's literary output, and to examine it from a contemporary perspective. The American and European scholars represented in this volume have applied new methodological approaches to Wittlin's texts in their analysis of his significance for a new generation of readers. Contents I. Salt of the Earth: the Context of 20th-Century Anti-War Literature Zoya Yurieff, "The Image of World War I in The Salt of the Earth by Jozef Wittlin and in August 1914 by Alexander Solzhenitsyn" Krystyna Jakowska, "Simultaneity and Its Antiwar Function, or How to Write about the Second World" Leonid Heretz, "The Great War and the Disintegration of the Traditional Peasant Worldview in Jozef Wittlin's Salt of the Earth" Anna Frajlich, "Two Unknown Soldiers" Elizabeth Kosakowska, "The War as a Myth: The Analysis of a Development of the Religious Imagery in Joseph Wittlin's The Salt of the Earth" II. Jozef Wittlin&emdash;The Poet and Essayist David A. Goldfarb, "Expressionism and the Visual in Jozef Wittlin's 'Hymn of Hatred'" Wojciech Ligeza, "Poezja Jozefa Wittlina na obczyznie" Joanna Rostropowicz Clark, "Laughter and Death: Jozef Wittlin's Reflective Humor in Orpheus in the Inferno of the Twentieth Century" Jozef Olejniczak, "Wittlin wobec 'Innego'" III. Wittlin's Europe and Europe's Wittlin Zygmunt Kubiak, "Jozef Wittlin and the Tradition of Mediterranean Culture" Jadwiga Maurer, "The Demise of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: Jozef Wittlin's Sol ziemi and Joseph Roth's Radetzkymarsch" Andreas Lawaty, "Wittlin and German Literature: Friends in an Unfriendly World" Alice-Catherine Carls, "Jozef Wittlin's Passages Through France" Rizel Louise Sigele, "Jozef Wittlin: Semblance and Reminiscence" IV. Contexts, Interchanges and Trespassings-Polish Emigre Literature Jerzy Jarzebski, "Gombrowicz and Wittlin&emdash;Two Conspirators" Robert A. Maguire, "Manfred Kridl" Madeline G. Levine, "Wiktor Weintraub: Professing Polish Studies in America" Halina Filipowicz, "Beginning to Theorize 'Polish Emigre Literature'" Pawel Kadziela, "Jozef Wittlin: Bibliography for the Years 1945-1998."