Aspects of Modern Russian and Czech Literature (Selected Papers from the Third World Congress for Soviet and East European Studies)

Edited by Arnold McMillin


Foreword by R. C. Elwood     5

Editorial Board     6

Introduction by Arnold McMillin     7

Ewa M. Thompson

V. B. Shklovskii and the Russian Intellectual Tradition     11

J. J. van Baak

On the "Inconclusiveness" of World-Pictures in Russian Avant-Garde Prose     22

Efraim Sicher The "Color" of Judaism: Timespace Oppositions in the Synaesthesia of Osip Mandel'shtam's Shum vremeni     31

R. L. Busch

The Contexts of Bulgakov's Master i Margarita     55

Alexander Gershkovich

The Taganka: Russian Political Theater, 1968-84     79

Herman Ermolaev

The Theme of Terrorism in Starik     96

Julian W. Connolly

Delusions or Clairvoyance?: A Second Look at Madness in V. Nabokov's Fiction     110

John B. Dunlop

Vasilii Aksenov's Novels Ozhog and Ostrov Krym     118

Vladislav Krasnov

Solzhenitsyn's New Avgust chetyrnadtsatogo: A Novel Attempt to Revise History     129

George Tokmakoff

P. A. Stolypin in Solzhenitsyn's Krasnoe koleso: A Historian's View     150

Michael A. Nicholson Soviet Antidotes to Solzhenitsyn's Avgust chetyrnadtsatogo     159

G. S. Smith

Russian Poetry Outside Russia since 1970: A Survey     179

Lev Loseff

Iosif Brodskii's Poetics of Faith    188

Antonin Mesht'an

The Role of National Literature in the Prague Linguistic Circle: Czech Fiction and Roman Jakobson     202

Igor Hajek

Changing Attitudes in Recent Czech Fiction: Towards a Typology of Really Existing Socialism     214

Helena Kosek

The Work of Jaroslav Vejvoda     225


"The more one delves into this volume the more riches one finds... Taken as a whole the volume is exhilarating. It shows the high standards of Western Slavic literary studies..." (SEEJ) "All articles in the book add something valuable to one's understanding of Russian and Czech literature; all contributions display impressive knowledge of the material and methodological sophistication." (RR)