American Contributions to the 8th International Congress of Slavists (Zagreb, 1978), Vol. 2: Literature

Edited by Victor Terras

Contents: Joachim T. Baer: Mixail Kuzmin's Lesok: A Rococo Work in the Twentieth Century     7 Robert L. Belknap: Memory in The Brothers Karamazov     24 G. Koolemans Beynen: The Slavic Animal Language Tales     42 Leon T. Blaszczyk: The Mickiewicz Generation and The Classical Heritage: A Contribution to the Study of Polish Neo-Humanism     48 Evelyn Bristol: Romanticism and Naturalism in the Works of the Russian Futurists     82 Kenneth N. Brostrom: Ethical Relativism and Absolutism in Anna Karenina     96 Paul Debreczeny: The Device of Conspicuous Silence in Tolstoj, Čexov, and Faulkner     125 William B. Edgerton: The Critical Reception Abroad of Tolstoj's What is Art?     146 Thomas Eekman: Walt Whitman's Role in Slavic Poetry (Late 19th - Early 20th Century)     166 Maurice Friedberg: Yiddish Folklore Motifs in Isaak Babel's Konarmija     192 Joan Grossman: Dostoevskij and Stendhal's Theory of Happiness     204 Kenneth E. Harper: Text Progression and Narrative Style     223 Jane Gary Harris: An Inquiry into the Use of Autobiography as a Stylistic Determinant of the Modernist Aspect of Osip Mandelshtam's Literary Prose     237 Michael Henry Heim: "Master and Man": "Three Deaths" Redivivus     260 James M. Holquist: Did Tolstoj Write Novels?     272 Robert Louis Jackson: Tolstoj's Kreutzer Sonata and Dostoevskij's Notes From the Underground     280 Ante Kadic: Kranjchevic's Jesus on the Barricades     292 Andrej Kodzhak: Skazka Pushkina - "Zolotoj petushok"     332 Willis Konick: The Shock of the Present: Levin's Role in Anna Karenina     375 Jerzy R. Krzyzanowski: A Paradise Lost?: The Image of Kresy in Contemporary Polish Literature     391 Nicholas Lee: Ecological Ethics in the Fiction of L. N. Tolstoj     422 Robert E. McMaster: No Peace Without War -- Tolstoj's War and Peace as Cultural Criticism     438 Vladimir Markov: K voprosu o granicax dekadansa v russkoj poezii (i o liricheskoj poeme)     485 John Mersereau, Jr.: Thackeray, Flaubert, Tolstoy and Psychological Realism     499 Barbara Heldt Monter: Tolstoj's Path Towards Feminism     523 Nadine Natov: Structural and Typological Ambivalence of Bulgakov's Novels Interpreted Against the Background of Baxtin's Theory of "Grotesque Realism" and Carnivalization     536 Marina T. Naumann: Tolstoyan Reflections in Hemingway: War and Peace and For Whom the Bell Tolls     550 Felix J. Oinas: The Transformation of Folklore into Literature     570 Tanya Page: A Radishchev Monstrology: The Journey from Petersburg to Moscow and Later Writings in the Light of French Sources     605 Riccardo Picchio: Principles of Comparative Slavic-Romance Literary History     630 Nikola Pribic: The Motif of Death in Vladan Desnica's Prose     644 James P. Scanlan: L. N. Tolstoj as Philosopher of Art Today     657 Walter Schamschula: The Place of the Old Czech Mastichkár-Fragments Within the Central European Easter Plays     678 Ewa Thompson: Russian Holy Fools and Shamanism     691 Ludmilla B. Turkevich: Tolstoj and Galdós: Affinities and Coincidences Reviewed     707 Wiktor Weintraub: Mikolaj Sep Szarzynski and the Beginning of Polish Baroque Literature     735 Genrika i Aleksej Jakushev: Struktura xudozhestvennogo obraza u Andreja Platonova     746 Zoja Jur'eva: Mif ob Orfee v tvorchestve Andreja Belogo, Aleksandra Bloka i Vjacheslava Ivanova.     779