American Contributions to the 11th International Congress of Slavists (Bratislava, 1993), Literature, Linguistics, Poetics

Edited by Robert A. Maguire and Alan Timberlake

Henrik Birnbaum

Where was the Center of the Moravian State?

Evelyn Bristol

The Avant-Garde in Russia and the West

Ellen Chances

Unheard Music: Literary Refrains in the Film A Forgotten Melody for the Flute

Andrew R. Durkin

The Generic Context of Rural Prose: Turgenev and the Pastoral Tradition

Thomas Eekman

Stylistic and Syntactic Innovation in Slavic Prose of the Early Twentieth Century

Norman W. Ingham

Sources on St. Ludmila, III: The Homily and Its "Echoes"

Ante Kadic

Ruke u knjizhevnosti, umjetnosti i narodnim obichajima

Robert E. Macmaster

Tolstoi and History

Lyubomira Parpulova-Gribble

The Concept of the Reader in Slavic Autobiographies: Protopop Avvakum, Dositej Obradovic, Sofronij Vrachanski

Maria Pavlovszky

Esenin i Remizov: Otrazhenie russkogo narodnogo samosoznanija

Walter Schamschula

The Igor' Tale from Its Czech to Its Gaelic Connection

Marianne and Michael Shapiro

Pushkin and Petrach

 Peter Steiner

The Motivated Sign: The Concept of Symbol in Post-Symbolist Russian Letters

Ronelle Alexander

Remarks on the Evolution of South Slavic Prosodic Systems

Edna Andrews

The Iconicity of Gender Shifts in Contemporary Russian

James Bailey

On Analyzing the Rhythm of a Russian Funeral Lament

Christina Y. Bethin

The Glide [i]/[j] in Late Common Slavic

Michael S. Flier

Final Sonorant Clusters in East Slavic

George Fowler

A Syntactic Account of Derivational -sja in Russian

Victor A. Friedman

The Loss of the Imperfective Aorist in Macedonian: Structural Significance and Balkan Context

Louise B. Hammer

Incomplete Language Acquisition and Language Shift: The Slovak Language in America

Laura A. Janda

Cognitive Linguistics as a Continuation of the Jakobsonian Tradition: The Semantics of Russian and Czech Reflexives

Marvin Kantor

A Question of Language: Church Slavonic and the West Slavs

Emily Klenin

The Perfect Tense in the Laurentian Manuscript of 1377

Rado L. Lencek

On the Trail of *vy- Compounds in South Slavic

Horace G. Lunt

From Late Indo-European to Common Slavic Phonology

Johanna Nichols

The Linguistic Geography of the Slavic Expansion

 Joseph Schallert

The Historical Accentuation of the Definite Singular Masculine Form in Balkan Slavic Dialects with Free Stress

William R. Schmalstieg

Lengthened Grade Iteratives in the Baltic and Slavic Languages

Benjamin A. Stolz and Jindrich Toman

Philologia Militans: Trubetzkoy and Jakobson on the Church Slavonic Heritage

Alan Timberlake

Isochrony in Late Common Slavic (Opyt foneticheskogo podxoda)

C. H. Van Schooneveld

The Dual and Slavic Linguistic Structure: Singulative Identificational Deixis

 Ol'ga C. Yokoyama

Oppozicija svoj-chuzhoj v russkom jazyke.


"...contains 23 papers of a generally very high standard. ... This volume should be acquired by all libraries with serious Slavic collections. ...the editors and publishers are to be congratulated..." (SR)