American Contributions to the 13th International Congress of Slavists: Volume 2 Literature (Ljubljana, 2003)

Robert A. Maguire and Alan Timberlake (eds.)


ELLEN CHANCES: Tarkovskii's Film The Sacrifice and its Russian Liteary Roots     9

E.W. CLOWES: Berdiaev's Samopoznanie: Philosophical Autobiography as Creative Act     21

JULIAN W. CONNOLLY: Metamorphosis of a Dreamer: From Dostoevskii's "White Nights" to Nabokov's The Eye     31

JOSEPH L. CONRAD: Devils and Devilry in Chekhov's Vory     39

CRAIG CRAVENS: A Proliferation of Prolixity: The Multiple Narrators of Jaroslav Hašek's The Good Soldier Švejk     47

DAVID S. DANAHER: Conceptual Metaphors for the Domains TRUTH and FALSEHOOD in Russian and the Image of the Black Sack in Tolstoi's The Death of Ivan Il'ich     61

ANDREW R. DURKIN: Pushkin and Joseph Conrad: From the Povesti Belkina to the Limits of Parody     77

DAVID A. GOLDFARB: Gogol's Cornucopia: Dead Souls and Arcimboldo     85

JANE GARY HARRIS: Damskii Mir and the Gendering of the Occult     99

SUSAN MCREYNOLDS: From Cultural Curator to Religious Savior: Dostoevskii's Changing Vision of Russia's World Role     115

JASON MERRILL: Fedor Sologub's Symbolist Recreation of Lev Tolstoi     123

CATHARINE THEIMER NEPOMNYASHCHY: Koshkin Dom: Following the Golden Shoelace     139

ROBERT A. ROTHSTEIN: From the Traditional Ballad to the "Cruel Romance"     151

DARIUSZ TOĿCZYK: Literature of the Gulag in the Context of Nazi Camp Literature: Towards a Poetics of Testimony     167

CAROL R. UELAND: Joseph Brodsky and Aleksandr Kushner: The Relationship in Verse     181

RUSSELL SCOTT VALENTINO: What's a Person Worth: Character and Commerce in Dostoevskii's Double     203