Alexander Pushkin Symposium II

Edited by Andrej Kodjak, Krystyna Pomorska, and Kiril Taranovsky

New York University Slavic Papers Volume III The papers are representative of diversified methods of literary analysis and are concerned with a number of literary problems, including rhyme, genre, grammatical structure, as well as semiotic and mythological aspects of literature.



Roman Jakobson:

O "Stikhakh, sochinennykh noch'iu vo vremia bessonnitsy"     1

Walter N. Vickery:

"Stambul gjaury nynce slavjat"     11

Lawrence G. Jones:

Pervasive Structures in Pushkin's Rhymes     27

Dean S. Worth:

Grammatical Rhyme Types in Evgenij Onegin39 Victor Terras: Pushkin and Romanticism     49

Krystyna Pomorska:

Zametka o pis'me Tat'iany     61

Paul Debreczeny:

The Execution of Captain Mironov: A Crossing of the Tragic and Comic Modes     67

Thomas Venclova:

K nulevomu pra-tekstu: zametki o ballade "Budrys i ego synov'ia"     79

Lorraine Wynne:

Oscillation in The Stone Guest     89

Savely Senderovich:

On Pushkin's Methodology: The Shade-Myth     103

Andrej Kodjak:

Pushkin's Utopian Myth.     117


"The essays range from outstanding interpretations of individual works to discoveries about pervasive structures in Pushkin's body of work. ...this book demonstrates how fruitful innovative approaches to Pushkin may yet be." (RR)