Alexander Lipson in Memoriam

Edited by Charles E. Gribble, Robert A. Rothstein, Edythe C. Haber, Hugh M. Olmsted, Robert Szulkin, Charles E. Townsend

"Alexander Lipson himself and A Russian Course are part of the history of American Slavistics, which In Memoriam continues into many areas of current interest. Besides the expected literary, linguistic and pedagogical issues, it touches on nationalism, the environment, women's studies, sexuality and myth, and living folklore. Together, they add up to lasting contributions and a fitting memorial." (SEEJ)

John A. Barnstead: Meshes and Mirrors: Two Meta-Poems by Mixail Kuzmin
Wayles Browne: Incomplete and Complete: A Pedagogical Note
Robert Channon: The Use of Rituals as a Pedagogical Device in Language Teaching
Margaret Dalton: Common Romantic Motifs: Karolina Pavlova's "Dvojnaja zhizn'" and Ivan Turgenev's "Faust"
Martha Forsyth: Eight Crazy Grannies Set Out to Travel the World
Edythe C. Haber: Bulgakov's Pushkin: Poor Knight or Poor Evgenii?
David A. Hanson: A Proto-Slavic Course for Undergraduates
Sonia Ketchian: A Response to Goethe: Vasilij Shukshin's "Stradaniia molodogo Vaganova"
Maurice I. Levin: Stress Irregularities in Russian Verbal Morphology
James M. McCann: The Nation: Evolution of a Notion from Marx and Engels to Luxemburg and Lenin
Alice Stone Nakhimovsky: Soviet Anti-Utopias in the Works of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
Diane Nemec-Ignashev: The Mylodrama, or If All the World Is a Stage
Hugh M. Olmsted: Diminutive Morphology of Russian Children: A Simplified Subset of Nominal Declension in Language Acquisition
Robert A. Rothstein: "Vo kuznice": Historical Notes on a Musical Repertoire
Ernest A. Scatton: Syllabic [r] and Schwa-[r] Sequences in Bulgarian Dialects: 1. The Northwest
Michael and Marianne Shapiro: Traces of Pushkin and Other Russian Classics in The Petty Demon
Charles E. Townsend: Motion and Position Verbs in Slavic
Marshall Winokur: Soviet River Diversion and Its Impact on Russian Society and Culture.