Aleksandr Blok Centennial Conference

Edited by Walter N. Vickery



Avril Pyman:

Aleksander Blok: The Tragedy of Two Truths (guest lecture)     7

Robert Abernathy:

The Lonely Vision of Alexander Blok (Blok's Vowel Fugue Revisited)     9

Henryk Baran:

Some Reminiscences in Blok: Vampirism and Its Antecedents     25

John E. Bowlt:

Here and There: The Question of Space in Blok's Poetry     43

Anna Lisa Crone:

Blok's "Venecija" and Molnii iskusstva as Inspiration to Mandel'shtam: Parallels in the Italian Materials     61

Sam Driver:

Axmatova's Poema bez geroia and Blok's Vozmezdie     73

Thomas Eekman:

The Evolution of Blok's Poetical Syntax     89

Efim Etkind:

"Karmen" Aleksandra Bloka: Liricheskaia poema kak antiroman     101

Lawrence E. Feinberg:

Of Two Minds: Linear vs. Non-Linear in Blok     113

Joan Delaney Grossman:

Blok, Brjusov, and the Prekrasnaja Dama     141

Emily Klenin:

"O doblestjax, o podvigax, o slave..." and its status in the cycle Vozmezdie     159

Andrej Kodjak:

Alexandr Blok's Circular Structure     179

Irene Masing-Delic:

Zhivago's "Christmas Star" as Homage to Blok     201

Gerald Pirog:

The Language of Love and the Limits of Language     207

Avril Pyman:

Aleksandr Blok and the Merezhkovskijs     225

Bogdan B. Sagatolv:

Blok's Nochnaja Fialka: The Sef Through Dream     237

Marena Senderovich:

Nezavisimyi atribut, ili contradictio in adjecto, v Knige Vtoroj Bloka     237

Savely Senderovich:

Semioticheskii radikal blokovskoi semantiki     271

David Sloane:

The Cyclical Dynamics of Blok's "Zhizn' moego priiatelia"     287

Edward Stankiewicz:

The Polyphonic Structure of Blok's Dvenadcat'     305

Walter N. Vickery:

Blok's Solov'inyj sad: The Stuff of Tragedy     321

Lucy Vogel:

The Poet's Wife: Ljubov' Dmitrievna Mendeleeva.     345

"The twenty-one excellent papers ... in this collection suggest that the occasion was worthy of the great poet... Our overall knowledge of Blok's life, technique, preoccupations and spiritual torment is greatly advanced by this rewarding collection of essays." (ISS) "Future students of Blok will find the collection an indispensable source for information on specific topics as well as for guidance on fruitful approaches to the poetry." (SEEJ)