A Comprehensive Bibliography of Yugoslav Literature in English, 1593-1980

Vasa D. Mihailovich and Mateja Matejic
xii + 586

This bibliography is a record of three hundred and eighty-eight years of translations and criticism of Yugoslav literatures in English. It covers all literature that has been written within the boundaries of Yugoslavia and abroad. It is an all-inclusive rather than selective bibliography. The book is a greatly revised, supplemented, and updated version of Yugoslav Literature in English: A Bibliography of Translations and Criticism (1821-1975), published by Slavica in 1976 and long out of print. Reviews of the first book were uniformly favorable; this new work has taken into account criticisms, corrections, and additions from those reviews as well as from a large number of other sources; it has also added 233 years to the span of time covered. The Comprehensive Bibliography will be a basic reference for generations to come. It will not be republished in a new edition, but additional volumes are planned every five years to give updates and additional material (see below for the first and second supplements). Part One (Translations): Folk Literature; Individual Writers; Part Two (Criticism): Entries in Reference Works; Books and Articles; Reviews; Dissertations; Part Three (Indices): English Titles or First Lines of Translations; Original Titles or First Lines of Originals; Periodicals and Newspapers; Subjects; Names. There are 5255 entries in the book. "A must for most academic libraries." (Choice) "This excellent volume does indeed seem to live up to its title." (MLR) "For all in Yugoslav studies, it is an indispensable tool of reference and orientation." (SEEJ) "Chitanje ove sjajno uradene bibliografije..." (Knjizhevni Glasnik Nin)