Charles E. Gribble et al. (eds.)




Foreword     7

Edna Andrews

Markedness Theory: An Explication of its Theoretical Basis and Applicability in Semantic Analysis     9

Ronald F. Feldstein

On the Evolution of Jer + Liquid Diphthongs in Polish and West Slavic     25

Robert Fradkin

The Semantic Structure of the Tenses in Literary Arabic     42

Helena Goscilo

His Master's Voice: Pushkin Chez Bulgakov     54

Louise B. Hammer

On the Phonological Nature...


This collection of essays surveys recent methodological developments in the art and science of teaching Slavic languages and cultures. The volume includes 37 contributions spanning the full range of Slavic language study and reflecting the rich diversity of approaches in this field. The volume has three principal goals:  in the keynote papers, to illuminate for all Slavists the current sitution...

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It may be stated without fear of contradiction that Professor Charles E. Townsend of Princeton University has been the most influential writer on Russian and Slavic grammar in the United States. Every graduate student devours his Russian Word-Formation, and returns to it over and over through his or her academic career. Many Slavists have studied Czech or Common Slavic from...

(ISSN) 0073-6929
386 (Vol. 12)

Professor Emeritus Howard I. Aronson of the University of Chicago has been celebrated for his linguistic scholarship on Balkan and South Slavic linguistics, as well as his groundbreaking work on Georgian grammar and language instruction (including his two textbooks with Slavica). This Festschrift honors his Balkan and South Slavic persona with a collection featuring a virtual Who's Who of North...