Yugoslav Linguistics in English A Bibliography 1900-1980

Dragan Milivojevic and Vasa D. Mihailovich

This is a bibliographical guide to the materials published in English on Yugoslav linguistics and the official languages -- Serbo-Croatian, Slovene, and Macedonian. In spite of the existence of annual bibliographies (the MLA Bibliography, Linguistic Bibliography, Year's Work in Modern Language Studies), as well as individual bibliographic guides, there is no single bibliography which covers the whole range of Yugoslav linguistics in English for the first eighty years of this century. The book attempts to include all books, articles, reviews, and dissertations written in the period from 1900 to 1980. The term "linguistics" is understood in a somewhat broader meaning than just scientific linguistics, and includes textbooks, language manuals, dictionaries, readers, etc. The subdivision of the bibliography is thematic, with individual languages as subdivisions and the approach proceeding from the general to the particular. The thematic divisions (e.g., phonemics, morphology) are not strict entities, as the term "morphophonemics" suggests. In order to show the connections between thematic divisions cross-references are used. There is no preferential treatment of a particular language or thematic division. The term "Serbo-Croatian" is used for a single language in its two variants, unless a title explicitly refers to Serbian or Croatian. Each entry is numbered, and there is a complete index of authors at the end listing the numbers of all items where their name appears as author or editor. Topics covered by the Bibliography include Textbooks, Grammars, Readers, Dictionaries, Relation to Other Slavic Languages, Relation to Non-Slavic Languages, Texts (Linguistic Analysis), Stylistics and Poetics, Sociolinguistics, Lexicology, Contrastive Linguistics, Syntax, Translation, Morphology, Phonology, Pedagogy, Onomastics, Orthography and Orthogeny, Dialectology, The Standard Language and Its History, General Yugoslav. There is a list of periodicals referred to. Where appropriate (e.g., phonology, morphology, syntax), topics are divided into synchronic and diachronic sections.

"The nearly 1,200 items of the bibliography cover the area well..." (American Reference Books Annual)

"...a welcome attempt to add to the bibliographies of works on the Slavonic Languages of what is now former Yugoslavia." (SEER) "Die vorliegende Bibliographie is sehr wertvoll..." (KL)