Non-Slavic Languages of the USSR Papers from the Fourth Conference

Edited by Howard I. Aronson

The first, and larger, part of the volume (all the papers from Aronson's through Tuite's) are homage to the great Georgian scholar, Akaki Shanidze (1887-1987). The remainder of the papers cover a variety of topics. We would particularly call your attention to the papers of Catford and Colarusso, which have great theoretical and typological significance.

Howard I. Aronson: Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Subject in Georgian;
Roland Bielmeier: On Iranian Influence in Old Georgian;
J. C. Catford: Vowel Systems of Caucasian Languages;
John Colarusso: How to Describe the Sounds of the Northwest Caucasian Languages;
Victor Friedman: Assertive Verb Forms in Lak;
Zbigniew Gob: Prehistoric Contacts between Ossetic and Slavic;
Alice C. Harris: On the History of Relative Clauses in Georgian;
Dee Ann Holisky: Notes on Auxiliary Verbs in Tsova-Tush (Batsbi);
Johanna Nichols: The Structure of the Nakh-Daghestanian Verb Root and Verb Stem;
Alfred G. Paludis: The Subjunctive in Classical Armenian: Significant Differences between Eznik and Eishò;
K. H. Schmidt: Class Inflection and Related Categories in the Caucasus;
Wolfgang Schulze-Fuerhoff: Tracing Aspect Coding Techniques in the Lezgian languages;
David Testen: The Correspondence: Scythian Bastakaw = Ossetian basta;
Kevin Tuite: Syntactic Subject in Georgian;
Robert Austerlitz: Gilyak Internal Reconstruction, 3: Ligneous Matter;
Donald L. Dyer: Moldavian Linguistic Realities;
Rachel Lehr: Complex Infinitives and Other Deverbal Nominals in Tajik;
Jules Levin: Stressing Freely in Lithuanian and Russian;
Roy Andrew Miller: The Original Geographic Distribution of the Tungus Languages;
Stefan Pugh: Observations on the Russian Component in Karelian;
Steven Young: The Scope of Saussure's Law in Colloquial Lithuanian.

"This is an excellent collection;..." (SEER)

"The volume includes a number of major contributions to our understanding of the structure and history of the languages of the former USSR..." (SEEJ)