Topics in Slavic Phonology

Edited by Demetrius J. Koubourlis
viii + 270



Demetrius J. Koubourlis

 Foreword     iii

Robert Abernathy

 An Often-Solved Problem Indo-European kt in Slavic     1

James Augerot

 Jat' and the Bulgarian Verb     24

Herbert Coats

 On the Alternation j/v in Russian     29

Frederick Columbus

 Phonological Rules in the Language of Sofronij Vracanskij     43

Richard C. DeArmond

 An Abstract Phonological Interpretation of Verb Stems in Ukrainian Formed with the Thematic Suffix /oh/     50

Michael S. Flier

 The v/j Alternation in Certain Russian Verbal Roots     66

Zbigniew Golab

 The Internal Conditioning and Relative Chronology of the Polish `Mazurzenie'     84 Phillip Klindt

 Vowel Length Alternations in Czech Inflectional Paradigms     102

Demetrius J. Koubourlis and Donald J. Nelson

 Phoneme Nonrandomness and the Mechanical Morpheme Segmentation of Russian     110

Jasna Kragalott

 On the Phonology of Turkish Loanwords in Serbocroatian     127

Lew Micklesen

 The Slavic Comparative     140

Kenneth E. Naylor

 Notes on Chakavian Prosody     152

Elizabeth Pribic

 Some Observations on the Phonological System of the Language of the Alaska Herald     167

Edward T. Purcell

 A Model for Word-tone and Segmental Duration in Serbocroatian     178

Michael Shapiro

 Phonological Aspects of the Russian Morphophonemic Component     203

George Y. Shevelov

 The Reflexes of *dj in Ukranian     223

Dean S. Worth

 On Irregularities (Real and Apparent)     235

Index     251