Syntax and Spell-Out in Slavic

Steven Franks
xiii + 346

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This truly fascinating work deals with fundamental theoretical issues regarding the architecture of the grammar, the nature of the Move operation, and the mapping of syntactic structures to morphology and phonology. It makes bold, far-reaching, and thought-provoking proposals backed up by extremely interesting and rich data. This is a book which every syntactician should read and respond to. 
—Željko Bošković, University of Connecticut

Pervasive differences among languages are often differences in the way distinct morphological pieces are spelled-out. In this volume, empirically rich and theoretically sophisticated as is all of his work, leading linguist Steven Franks brings to bear crucial facts from South Slavic languages to uncover the principles involved in Spell-Out, teasing apart the contributions of syntax and those attributable to morphology and phonology. Compulsory reading for all syntacticians.
—Guglielmo Cinque, University of Venice

A very impressive accomplishment by one of the world’s leading Slavic syntacticians. Every syntactician (Slavicist or not) will gain by reading this book, especially for its great insights about the nature of spell-out, and implications for realization of copies.
—Howard Lasnik, University of Maryland