Sketches of Slavic Scholars

Henrik Birnbaum

1. O.O. Potebnja's Conception of Russian Morphosyntax Viewed in its Historical Context

2. V. Jagic's Contribution to Slavic Syntax

3. A.M. Peskovskij's Vision of Russian Syntax.

4. S. Ivsic's Contribution to Slavic Comparative Linguistics

5. Baudouin de Courtenay as Perceived by American Linguists (R. Jakobson and E. Stankiewicz) Assessments of Roman Jakobson's Scholarship

6. Jakobson's Contribution to Slavic Accentology

7. Jakobson's Inquiry Into the Cultural Legacy of the Slavic Middle Ages 8. Jakobson's Final Word on Phonology

9. Jakobson's Concept of General Meaning

10. Jakobson's Notion of the Linguistic Sign: From Saussure to Peirce

Appendices: Obituaries and Encyclopedic Entries i. L. V. Scerba ii. J. Bauer iii. M.Vasmer iv. A. Schmaus Three Swedish Slavists v. R. Ekblom vi. A. Sjoberg vii. N.A. Nilsson

Bibliographic Notes